Xcellent advice and guidance

We provide Xcellent advice and guidance to fitness newbies. Or maybe you have an old injury that keeps you from doing what you want? Let us know, let us help you move again.

Your joints, muscles, motor control and neuromuscular stability are 4 components essential for movement. Usually one or more of these systems are compromised with pain. Our task is to detect how these systems are malfunctioning so we can approach it with our treatment weapon(s) of choice.



Up to date Xpertise

The Xperts at Kinexpert are constantly trying to level up their Xpertise by attending educational courses to stay up to date with all the best physical therapy practices.

In addition to the treatments, our Xperts hold injury prevention to their heart: we want to provide you with the knowledge and insights you need, to take care of your body yourself. No unnecessary appointments and treatments. We think you are awesome, but we do not want to see you more than necessary. That is why when we say goodbye, we really mean it.


Visit www.kinexpert.be to make an appointment with one of our Xperts. Together with Sportclub Het Eiland we are happy to help you move again. 


We provide the following treatments

  • Xercise is the medicine of choice since the beginning of time. Yet a pill has to be invented that will mimic the great effects of movement on your body. Until then, Xercise will and shall always be the main focus of any best practice physical therapy treatment plan.
  • Manual therapy – loosen up those joints! Prepare for Xercise! Get rid of the pain!
  • Myofascial TriggerPoint therapy – Isolate those tender spots. Kill ‘em with pressure! This treatment is a pain killer – literally.
  • Dry needling – if pressure won’t kill ‘em, the needles will.


Xtra services (because we love to be Xtra):

  • Sports massage – did Esteban turn your legs into jelly during X-fit yesterday? Let  us take care of it.
  • Running analysis and re-education – painful joints while running can be a sign of overloading or faulty running biomechanics. We look into your running technique and give advice so you don’t have to miss the 10 Miles this year.
  • Spartanova testing – as a part of our injury prevention policy we have access to the huge testing database of Spartanova. We use the tests to determine the risk for musculoskeletal injury related to your activity level. That’s how athletes and non-athletes can enhance their performance in a safe way.