How to start

Checklist voor je start

1. Book your daypass

Book your daypass: try out our UCW class for free!

2. UCW or UCW light?

Are you a beginner or not familiar with the concept? UCW light is designed to give you a complete workout using only basic movements, so you can participate right away!

3. Last step: register your class!

Check out our UCW timetable and register for a class, otherwise you can’t participate! Last tip: come on time! 1 min late = 5 burpees… Please bring your own jumprope if you have one.

Gratis dagpas aanvragen

Je kan één keer een gratis dagpas aanvragen.
Dit doe je als volgt:

  1. Lees hier alles over je dagpas.
  2. Vul hiernaast je gegevens in.
  3. Plan meteen je gratis les.