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Want to be trained by the best Personal Trainers in town? Our team can’t wait to meet you.
Every PT has his or her own style and approach. Whatever your goal is, your future Personal Trainer* is ready for you!

*Prices, terms and conditions differ from trainer to trainer. Personal Training at Sportclub Het Eiland is for members only.

Len D

Personal training with me is a full interactive story. Your whole body receives a thorough functional balanced workout in which strength, stabilization, coordination and flexibility are key. All of this is supplemented with a creative cardio grills.No heavy lifting, but a clear focus on your own body weight and functional materialsare a winning combination. It’s crucial that you understand what you are doing, and I make it truly YOUR story, helping you to achieve your personal goals with great results. I’m a real motivator, for whom results must be linked to pleasure. Expect varied, healthy and challenging training sessions, making your body stronger in every sense of the word.I am also specialized in guidance of runners and triathletes, so will coach you responsibly towards a marathon or Ironman.

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Hi, I’m Babette! I’m a coach and personal trainer, emphasis on the personal. I’m here to guide you throughout your journey towards the strongest version of yourself — in the most sustainable and healthy way possible.

My approach? Pushing you outside your comfort zone while having a lot of fun and smiles in the meantime. Weightlifting can be pretty intimidating in the beginning — trust me, we’ve all been there — but I’m here to share my positive energy and motivate you to overcome all the (mental) barriers you might experience.

I could forever go on why and how weightlifting has shifted my life for the better, but it’s best to discover that for yourself. Besides the occasional sore limbs (hate me then, love me after!) living a happy, pain-free life is the goal here.

And remember: you’re ALWAYS stronger than you think! So… are you in? 😉

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I’m really passionate about sports, especially since I discovered crossfit a few years ago. Being active is a big part of my life and I couldn’t live without it anymore.
Being this enthusiastic about being active and exercising, I want to show you anyone can do it. As a certified Personal Trainer I want to help you achieve your goals: let’s do this!
First we start out with a screening: a little survey and a chat so I am fully aware of your personal story and expectations. I will focus on Functional Training which consists of bodyweight exercises and free weights movements to strengthen the muscles you use in your daily life and to achieve a better balance and coordination.

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InBody Scans by Leni

Your body is a temple you need to take good care of! But it’s not easy to get an up-to-date status of your health.
Our Inbody Scan provides a detailed breakdown of your weight in terms of muscle, fat and water on an InBody Result Sheet. No more pinching or other uncomfortable techniques. Get reliable results to guide you while you set reachable but also ambitious goals.
Want to know more? Please contact Personal Trainer Leni.

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Hii I’m Leni
I’m here to guide you through your fitness journey ,make you fall in love with yourself and working out. Who says training isn’t fun? I’ll show you how to make it fun, how to make small changes to a healthy lifestyle and build up your confidence.
A healthy lifestyle is so much more to me than just spending time in the gym. It’s a full package of your surroundings, your mental state and a good balance between rest and activities.
My specialties are mental coaching, functional & strenght training and more specific a building up that booty!! 😀

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I love to encourage people to become their healthiest self.
As a personal trainer I focus on functional training on every level and overall fitness. Whether your goal is to lose weight or to gain muscle mass,
I’m here to make you feel better in your own skin.
Want to have a fun time whilst kicking your ass? I’ll give you 100 percent engagement.
Let’s do this together!

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I am Dries and I am passionate about mental and physical health! For me working out is the perfect way to escape from everyday life.
I love to share my energy, experience in fitness and positive vibes with you.

New in in the gym? Want to be in better shape? Reached a plateau or want to bring your workouts to the next level? Then take the first step and reach out. I am at your service!

Let’s rock your body!

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Do you want to learn to defend yourself while getting incredibly fit? Then traditional boxing is the perfect choice for you. Both beginners and advanced boxers are more than welcome. Thanks to my broad boxing knowledge, teaching experience and contagious enthusiasm you’ll get the workout of your life! See you soon 🙂

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Hey you! I am Kirsten (also known as Kiki), graduated as Pharmacist and started my fitness journey about 8 years ago. I initially started with strength training & boxing, and then slowly but surely fell in love with crossfit.

3 keywords to me as Personal Trainer are: Balance, Client-centered approach and Happiness

Balance: I am here to find a good balance between your personal life/work life/health.

Client-centered approach: You are in the driver’s seat. Tell me your goals, what training you are interested in (can be anything, crossfit, non-crossfit,…),… I will develop a personalized plan to guide you through your fitness journey. No idea yet what you want? No problem, after an intake, we know exactly what would suit you!

Happiness: the ultimate goal is for you to feel (more) confident, strong(er) and HAPPY(ier). Time to increase those Happy Hormones in your body!

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Hi you!
My name is Livinia and I’m here to help you get that inner power OUT. This fitness journey can get pretty tough. I know because I have been there. But you gotta start somewhere!Movement has always been my happy place and I am sure you can learn to love it too. Especially when you can feel/see the results in the mirror. I thrive for a healthy balans. No restrictions, no cheat day’s but for full on LIVING your best life. Mentally, physically and abundantly.So let me guide you.
We can focus on weight-loss or strength training all while loving ourselves through the whole journey.
Be aware, you might get addicted to me because I will make it a hell of a fun ride!
This is the best investment you could ever make in this lifetime.
And remember it’s ALWAYS better together.
See you soon! 😉

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Hi guys, I’m Jonas. Always enthusiastic, caring, and passionate about everything fitness and health related. And who knows, maybe your next Personal Trainer?

Nothing makes me happier than getting people to fall in love with working out, no matter what your goals are or how much experience you have. New to fitness? I’ll be your guide on the beginning of your journey in the gym. Been working out for a while, but you can’t seem to make any progress anymore? I’ll help you break your plateau and reach better results. Just want to change it up and train in a fun yet still efficient way? I got you!

By combining functional training with more traditional aspects of muscle building, I’ll support you all the way to reach your goals, whatever they may be. I will do this with a lot of good vibes and a high fun factor, because moving makes me happy and I want to pass that mindset on to you!

Let me help you fall in love with the process, because that’s the easiest way to succeed. Reach out and let’s do this!

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Hi guys! My name is Donnie and I love to pass on my addiction for fitness to others.

I play football, I practice kick boxing and Muay Thai besides my own strength training sessions. So these are type of trainings that I can help you with.

Energy is everything. So with a positive mindset and the right amount of self-belief we can truly achieve something great.

See you at work,


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Hi! I’m Toni, I may look tough from the outside, but I have the biggest heart for beginners in the gym or people with a passion for fitness. Because I know what the gym means to me, I want other people to experience that same joy. I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to effective training. In my opinion, it is a waste of time to do workouts that do not align with your goals. If you train with me, you can be certain the training is backed by science, and if you are consistent, you will see fantastic results. Also, To the women out there, as I’m aware that the gym is still a male-dominated space, helping women become more confident is a big part of my life. So, let me help you get comfortable!

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Hi! I’m Loewi, and my biggest goal is to get as many women as possible into strength training. Focussing on only cardio & fat loss can be a demotivating process, I want to change the narrative. I want women to focus on becoming stronger instead of becoming smaller.
I have seen how weight training can transform someone’s life by boosting confidence. I would love to help you do that! My workouts are science-based. We will only be doing exercises that work and will lead to results! If your goal is fat loss, you will also be in the right place. I can help you get to know the gym and make scary exercises less scary, or I can take you through an effective training session. Hope to see you soon!

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