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We finally get to take our classes back outside (starting May 8th), yay! This does, however, require us to set some strict rules and new ways of working to ensure you all can have a safe and enjoyable workout. You’ll probably have some questions by now. How does this work? How do I make a reservation? How do I pay? We’ve made you a little Q&A below!



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Do I have to reactivate my subscription?

If you are already a member of our club and you want to reactivate for the outdoor classes  you have to come to our frontdesk yourself. We will be there on Tuesdays (17.00-19.30) and Saturdays (10.00-12.00) starting May 4.

You wanted to reactivate last time but changed your mind: no problem! Send an e-mail to abo@sportclubheteiland.be before May 3rd and let us know you changed your mind.



I’m a newbie, can I participate?

What? You’re not part of our family yet?
After your preregistration online, you will receive a personal mail. Twice a week we will welcome you to the club to complete your registration in real life and we will answer all your questions. Hope to see you soon!




I have a fitness-only subscription. What's my situation?

Our indoor facilities are still closed due to government regulations. But maybe you can join us outside :).

You have a fitness-only subscription and you want to participate in the outdoor group classes?
You can either upgrade your account to an all-in subscription or buy a 15x group classes pass.

If, at some point, you wish to deactivate your account or change back to a fitness-only subscription, contact us at abo@sportclubheteiland.be*.


*Keep in mind: if you want to cancel / freeze any direct debit subscription we need to know before the 21th of the former month for the bank to process in time.


Where can I find the schedule?

May 1st you can find the schedule at the app and at the desktop reservation page.



How do I book a class?

You can book a spot via this link. Another easy way is installing our app. Download MyClubApp in the app store, fill in your login details and off you go! If you don’t remember your login, please contact us at info@sportclubheteiland.be .

Slots for group classes open exactly 7 days in advance.


How many bookings can I make at once?

You have a maximum of five bookings on your account. When the first of those classes has finished, you’ll be able to make a new reservation. This way we want to give everyone a fair chance of booking their favourite class.

Is this schedule definitive?

Definitely not! (Pun intended, hehe.) It’s hard to say how eager you all will be booking outdoor classes. If we see there’s a higher demand than our current schedule we will throw some extra classes in the mix! We will try our best to make you all as happy as possible!

We aren’t completely sure that we can organise outside classe at the moment. We expect that we will get a final ‘go’ from our government Friday 7th May. Like every time we will have to wait and see and adjust as good as possible. We won’t activate your subscription as long as we are closed.

I can’t find any cycling or boxing classes in the schedule, how come?

Unfortunately we can’t offer you any cycling nor boxing classes right now. We tried this out during the first lockdown but had to make the conclusion that:

  • The bikes are not made for rolling up and down cobblestones every day. Almost all of them got damaged last time.
  • We can’t guarantee 1,5m distance during outdoor boxing classes. We can’t take any risks if it comes to health and government guidelines.

Practical information

What time should I arrive?

Maximum 10 minutes before class and make sure to keep 1,5m distance while you wait. You go straight to the meeting point for your group class, the club will be closed.


Where does my class take place?

We have chosen 4 awesome outdoor locations close to the club:
Click on the map for detailled info

  • Bodyfit: MAS Square
  • YOGA: MAS Shelter
  • UCW: meetingpoint Garage
  • PowerHour: meetingpoint Garage

What should I bring?

  • A yoga mat and a towel. If you don’t have this with you, you can’t participate in the class.
  • Water, stay hydrated!
  • A mask (you don’t need to wear it during your workout)

Can I cancel my reservation?

You can, but only up to 2 hours before the start of a class. If you don’t show up for a class / you didn’t cancel in time, you will unfortunately lose a point on your account. You can cancel your reservation yourself (within the time frame), since the club will be closed we cannot help you via email or phone.

Can I use the restroom and store my bag?

Unfortunately our beloved club is closed. You are responsible for your own materials. Make sure you visit your restroom at home before you head to class.


When will indoor classes start?

If only we knew 😉 . Normally this will be in June but all depends on the government. When we get the big green light, you will be the first to know!

What if my class gets canceled?

Unfortunately classes can still get canceled when a teacher has to quarantine or when the weather is too bad to workout outside. (Unfortunately we still live in Belgium and this can happen from time to time.) We will notify you through email as soon as possible! And no worries, you won’t lose any points for that.

What if I’m late?

Please arrive on time. If the teacher decides you’re too late to still participate you’ll have to go home and you will lose a point. Like we said before, spots are limited so keep an eye on your time management.


What if my favourite class is full?

There will be 20-25 spots available for each class. Regularly check the app/website for open spots! Don’t come to a class hoping ‘someone won’t show up’. This goes against the Covid Safety Guidelines and we won’t allow it.

What are the safety rules?

  • Always ensure there’s at least 1,5m between you and other Eilanders. Your coach will keep an eye on this and assign you a spot.
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer and use it.
  • If you’re feeling under the weather, please stay at home and cancel on time.


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