Our culture
runs through your DNA

Fitness, like friendship, is a basic human need and we sit in the privileged position of providing both. They elevate how we feel about ourselves. And the more we invest in them, the happier we are.

Het Eiland cares for its crew and its members. We are a no-nonsense community founded on a love of sports, respect and openness. A place where members feel comfortable and connected, familiar and informed. We value and support one another. As an athlete and a human being.

The concept of team runs deep in us.
We are THE trainers of choice in Antwerp.
We back each other up.
We put in the yards it takes to win

We love what we do, and we are proud of it

  1. 01 BOLD

    We dream big. We move fast. We are hungry to try new things. We set goals ourselves and we hold others to theirs.

  2. 02 CREATIVE

    We live for change. In fact, we create it. We chase inspiration outside our country, our industry and the current norms. And then we apply it, everywhere.


    We do what it takes to level up. We apply giant doses of determination, discipline and dedication.

  4. 04 POSITIVE

    We inject positivity and possibility into our crew and our members. We approach all challenges with solutions.

  5. 05 TEAM

    We build communities. We create connections. Because, people might leave businesses, but they don’t leave their friends.

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