We are back! Well, in a slightly different way but we are ready to continue our fitness journey together from June 8!

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Information about our indoor facilities

Is the gym open again?

Yes we are! We are so excited to welcome you back into our indoor facilities. But only for individual fitness activities.


What about group classes?

Our classes will take place outside. All info on our Outdoor Page.

Can I drop in and use your facilities?

No you can’t. We have to follow the government protocols very strictly. This is why you will have to make a reservation on our booking platform. Please activate your password here (upper right next to your profile). No password means no reservations! If this process doens’t work please contact us Monday June 8: 03/227.15.37


Only full members (with a permanent subscription) can book as many time slots as you want) (one slot each day. The amount of people per hour is limited.

Very important: read our safety rules further on this page before your first visit!


I'm a newbie. Can I become a member?

Yes of course! We are excited to welcome new members. After your preregistration online, you will receive a mail with all information about our memberships. Hope to see you soon!

Do I have to re-activate my membership again?

If you haven’t contacted us yourself yet, we will take care of that automatically! You will not pay for the whole month if your subscription starts now. We will charge 20% less.


Information about the safety precautions

What are the rules?


  • 1,5 m distance between one another (no physical contact)
  • Make an appointment to work out
  • Work out individually
  • Respect your training time slot
  • Stay home when you don’t feel goodIf you have a runny nose, a cold, a sore throat, a light cough and a rise in body temperature, stay home and take care of yourself. If symptoms get worse (trouble breathing, high fever,…) immediately contact a doctor
  • Stay home if one of your roommates is ill or showing symptoms
  • No close contact with the staff and other members
  • Follow the staff and club’s directions
  • Wash your hands frequently, especially when arriving at Het Eiland
  • Bring your own towel (or buy one at the front desk) and use it while on the machines – you can’t work out if you don’t have one
  • Use the provided sanitizing products to wipe down immediately after use
  • No cash
  • After working out you will immediately leave the club

Can I talk after my workout?

We would love to catch up with you after your training but unfortunately that’s not a good idea yet. After your sweatsesh, it is best for you to return home immediately.


Practical information

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes you can, up to an hour in advance. We want to give everyone the chance to book a feel-good workout to forget about the craziness. So please don’t book if you’re not sure you can make it to the gym.

What if I'm late?

Please arrive on time. If you arrive after the start of your time slot, you can only stay for the minutes which are left. You can not extend your visit!

What should I bring?

  • A towel!!! No towel=no training
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Water
  • Paper tissues
  • A mask and gloves are not mandatory but if you would like to wear this please do
  • You cannot bring a big workout bag into the club. Just provide a small bag for your necessary belongings. (changing rooms are closed so you won’t be able to store your bag)

What time should I arrive?

Maximum 10 minutes before the start of your timeslot. Keep 1,5m distance while you wait outside.


Can I use the restroom?

Yes you can! Make sure you close the toilet lid before you flush and wash your hands after your visit.

Can I store my workout bag and use the dressingroom?

The changing rooms and showers are re-opening. Due to government regulations there will be some strict rules. We want to ask every Eilander to respect these guidelines:

  • the lockers will stay closed. Bring a small bag for your belongings
  • you can only use the showers after your workout
  • the amount of people in the changing rooms is limited. Maximum 8 people can be in the changing rooms at the same time
  • only use the changing rooms and showers when necessary. This way we can limit the amount of people in a small room
  • the sauna will remain closed until further notice

What about the delicious food and drinks at Warehouse?

We are open for take away, starting from June 9. We will start with a limited menu which will expand daily. So just drop in and enjoy our coffee, juices, shakes and bites.

What are the opening hours?

Weekdays: 7 am till 10 pm
Weekend: 9 am till 3 pm

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