Get started with the Impact X Intropack

Impact X personal training is all about you. Our intro pack gives you the boost you need to get started. Our scientific screening will help us set up a personalised plan that is just right for you and will help you exceed your goals.

Session 1

Intake, InBody scan & Movement Analysis

During your first session you meet your trainer and it’s all about who you are and what your goals are. Then we screen your body. The InBody scan shows us your body composition (fat and muscle mass, muscle distribution, metabolism etc.). Next is the movement analysis where we do a couple of exercises to see how you move and how you can train injury free and as efficiently as possible.

Session 2


After your screening you plan your second session with your coach. This is your first real workout together. Based on your goals and your screening results, we get to work.

After your intro pack, you set up a plan with your coach and you decide how often you two train together. We are always close when you need us.

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