How does it work?

Your body is unique. Your program should be too. That’s why everything starts with a scientific screening. We identify your strengths. We see what’s holding you back. And then we plot a roadmap to your goals. No more injuries holding you back. No more exercise plateaus. Just smart, holistic training for movement, nutrition and mindset to smash your goals.

05 steps
to reach your next level

Impact X
Step 1

Define Your Goals

In your first face-to-face meeting with your coach you will get to know each other and set goals together. We will do everything in our power to achieve them. And, so will you.
(PS. If you're not feeling it, no problem, we can switch coaches. No bad feelings).

Step 3

X roadmap

Taking your results into consideration, your coach designs your personal roadmap to take you towards your goal. This lives in your app so you can get started right away.

Step 5

Progress X strategy

As your body evolves so do does your training. We are constantly tracking and evaluating your progress so you continue to achieve optimal results.

Step 2

X Screening

We start with the science from your body. Your baseline.

  • The Inbody Scan is a scientific reporting on body composition (body fat vs lean tissue), hydration levels and muscles imbalances in the body.
  • Movement Analysis – based on your goals we examine certain movement patterns to avoid injuries and maximize performance gains.
Step 4

X performance

Your first full workout with your coach. Trust us, it’ll be worth the wait. Teal progress, real results start here. You remained connected to your coach through the whoe journey via the app.

Impact X

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Two of the greatest gifts of Impact X are shared accountability and training consistency so we can't wait to get going and make a difference in your life.

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Intro Pack Only step 1-4 €150
Single Intro Pack a pre-requisite €60
10 pack €570
20 pack €1080
50 pack €2400
Re-Screen Level Up Check €90
InBody Scan Monthly €15
InBody Scan Single €35