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With Impact X you:

  • Are coached by the best
  • Share accountability for your goals with your trainer
  • Discover your infinite potential
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Impact X is a unique training program 100% tailored for you. Where the science of your body meets the art of expert coaching. You are forged in the fires of optimal training and motivation.

Goal oriented

Do you want to get stronger, improve your health or lose those few extra kilograms you might be holding on to? If you have a goal you want to work towards, we will find you the right trainer and support you along the way. And most importantly, you’ll have fun getting there.



During your first intake with your coach, your personal gameplan will be discussed. Your body is unique, and your training will be 100% tailored to your needs. Together, the two of you will work towards your goal and together you will succeed and thrive.

You'll also make a friend along the way.


Time efficient

Since you only have to determine what it is you want to reach, you won't need to spend any more time preparing your workouts. Your trainer has got your back and will be ready to get you fired up once you enter the gym.

Don’t worry about how to fit your workouts in your busy schedule. You and your trainer decide when you meet for your workouts.



You will be amazed at the progress you'll be making. You will not only feel better, but also look better because of your new found energy. Want to have the numbers as well? No problem!

Start your journey with a detailed bodyscan and repeat along the way, until you get to where you want to be.



You don't need to be the fittest or the strongest just to get started. Impact X Personal Training is for everyone. Whether you have been working out for years or a newbie in the gym, our trainers will help you and make you better.

If you have a goal and want support getting there, you are ready to meet your trainer.


Certified master trainers

The best train with the best.
Coach. Drill sergeant. Confidante. Buddy.
They make a dent in your fitness starting today.

Meet all our trainers

"Sitting is the new smoking."


“Balance is key”


Dont’t be extreme, just consistent