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With Impact X you:

  • Are coached by the best
  • Share accountability for your goals with your trainer
  • Discover your infinite potential
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Impact X is a unique training program 100% tailored for you. Where the science of your body meets the art of expert coaching. You are forged in the fires of optimal training and motivation.

Experience new heights in energy

You know that boost of a great workout? Imagine being energized like this almost all the time. Try Impact X and feel recharged. Wake up like a champion. Each and every day. And take a big bite out of life.


Achieve the goals of your dreams

You got a personal trainer and a series of standard exercises. And then. Nothing. You didn’t see much change and then you quit. Where traditional personal training fails, Impact X pushes forward. You clearly see progress. Suddenly there isn’t a mountain high enough, you will get to the other side. Whether it is running a marathon or keeping a healthy weight. “Impossible is just a word”


Tailored to your body

Impact X understands there is no “one size fits all”. Your body is unique. And so should be your training program. That is why everything starts with a scientific screening. We identify what’s holding you back and configure a roadmap that is just right for you. No more injuries slowing you down. The road to success awaits.


A perfect fit with your busy life

We believe a training program needs to be flexible. Impact X thinks beyond fixed locations and timings and is right there beside you when you are ready to train.


Track your progress

Impact X thinks beyond fixed locations and timings. Videos, online training programs, … Our app allows you the freedom your busy life craves and lets your coach keep track of your progress.


Certified master trainers

The best train with the best.
Coach. Drill sergeant. Confidante. Buddy.
They make a dent in your fitness starting today.

Meet all our trainers

"Spread kindness <3"


“Extremes are easy. Strive for balance.”


“People say that time changes things but in the end you have to change them yourself”