Humans of Het Eiland

They are real.
They are empowering.
They are not your average fitness model.
They are no size zero.
They are unique.
They got balls.
And they got a story to tell. 

Thirteen Humans of Het Eiland let us into their hearts and shared their amazing fitness journey with us. Because life is about more than looking fit and attractive. The gym can provide a safe haven, a feeling of belonging and a place to let your guard down. Where you can work on yourself, by yourself, for yourself. Whether you’re feeling content in life or struggling a little: you can come home to us like they do.


Wendy (41)

I think it’s important to share my story for all the ‘normal people’ out there. I don’t run marathons. I’m not a bodybuilder. I’m not a size ...

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Thiago (22)

I came to Antwerp to work as a software engineer in 2019. As much as it has been a fun adventure, it has been very isolating too. As an expat, I don’t ...

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Indra (24)

My first experience at Het Eiland was right after I gained a lot of weight. I felt somewhat uncomfortable in my skin and booked a yoga class. I later on ...

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Emelie (23)

I’ve fallen in love with working out fairly recently. Right before Covid hit I graduated and started my job as a nurse. All of a sudden I had all this ...

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Daniel (30)

I used to be super fat. No kidding. I was 1.70 meters and weighed around 100kg.I loved to play soccer but was always very anxious when playing a game. ...

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Elien (22)

Sportclub Het Eiland has a special place in my heart. I remember moving here as a student five years ago. All of my friends worked out at a popular gym ...

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Joy (22)

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been skinny. It’s not on purpose, it’s just in my genes I guess. People used to comment on my body a lot. ...

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Souhail (24)

Three years ago I walked into this club because it was recommended by one of my friends. And I was sold on the first minute. I used to occasionally go to ...

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Dafne (29)

I’m from Brazil and have been living in Belgium for six years now. My parents are both entrepreneurs and put a high value on intellectual things. I ...

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Ellen (29)

In 2019 I was living with my (now ex-)boyfriend when our relationship became violent. I was physical and mentally abused until there was not a lot left of ...

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Branko (24)

When I was younger I used to play soccer. I was a really skinny guy. This made me an easy target for bullies and so I got mocked and laughed at for as ...

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Rebecca (25)

When I started working out around 2017/2018 I really ‘did it for the gram’. (Only back then we used Snapchat.) Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always ...

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Mattia (40)

As long as I can remember, I’ve always been an athletic person. Working out gives me a way to clear my head and relax. When the gyms had to close I ...

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