Souhail (24)

“Three years ago I walked into this club because it was recommended by one of my friends. And I was sold on the first minute. I used to occasionally go to the gym before, but I wasn’t really motivated. Walked in, stepped onto the treadmill, walked out.
The atmosphere of Het Eiland really motivated me. The way the staff welcomes you, the atmosphere, the interior. It inspired me to try harder and become better. I trained four times a week doing boxing classes and cardio. Consciously skipping the weights room, afraid I would make a fool out of myself as the new guy between all the experienced lifters. I stayed consistent in my routine and lost quite some weight.
I put on my big boy pants and decided to give the weights room a go. I was still a little insecure though, so I showed up everyday at 7:00, knowing the gym would be almost empty. I experimented with the different free weights, looked up videos on how to use them and did some research on strength training. 

I could never move my routine to another gym. It’s just not the same. It’s about more than the weights and the equipment. The people who train and work here, the greetings and the small conversations are what add value to it all.
Before joining Het Eiland I used to have very low self esteem. But my before and after pictures are incredible. I lost more than 20kg’s and feel better than ever. Fitness is not just a hobby. It’s a deal and an appointment I make with myself every day to do the work and become a better version of myself. “


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