Rebecca (25)

“When I started working out around 2017/2018 I really ‘did it for the gram’. (Only back then we used Snapchat.) Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been into sports. I played basketball, volleyball, etc. But I didn’t really get the whole gym-thing.
Then my boyfriend at the time brought me with him to Het Eiland and my fitness journey really kicked off. I got a PT and a training schedule and the results were enormous. And it’s more than just the physical aspects. There have been moments when I felt really low and training had a really therapeutic effect during those times. 

When I heard the gyms were closing I completely panicked. I worked so hard on the person I am today and one of my biggest fears is losing all that progress and having to start over. So I’m really happy the gyms will reopen on June 9th. My purpose now is to motivate others and to show them that despite the whole pandemic you can still be active and work out and really level-up.


P.S.: June 9th is also Rebecca’s birthday! Make sure to wish her a happy birthday if you see her at the gym.

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