Indra (24)

“My first experience at Het Eiland was right after I gained a lot of weight. I felt somewhat uncomfortable in my skin and booked a yoga class. I later on came to realize that I, not being a yoga-connaisseur, had booked one of the hardest yoga classes available in Het Eiland. I just booked the class thinking yogi’s are the least judgemental people on the planet, right? And right I was. Afterwards I had a little chat with the teacher, asking her for advice on more suitable classes. She was super body positive. Never talked about my weight but really emphasized how I could start feeling better and healthier.
That’s how I started my fitness journey and I enjoyed every second of it. At times when you feel like things are falling apart, working out is something you can stay in control of and really hold on to. I love having this support system around me. Although I don’t know anyone at this gym, I feel safe and accepted within the community. 

I’m a huge advocate for body positivity. And I think representation is a big part of that. I have overweight friends who are too afraid to go to the gym. They’re scared they’ll be judged or laughed at. You never see fat people on the social media of gyms. So of course it feels like you don’t belong there. And don’t even get me started on the lack of workout clothes available in bigger sizes. I see people struggle with that a lot.
It would be quite badass and empowering if there would be someone out-of-the-norm working at the gym. A role model for everyone who feels unrepresented right now. Because being fat doesn’t mean you can’t be strong. It doesn’t mean you can’t be healthy. It doesn’t mean you can’t be happy. Some people just aren’t built to be super lean. Body positivity is about being happy and healthy, mentally and physically, with who you are and what you look like, despite the standards society has set for us.”

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