Elien (22)

“Sportclub Het Eiland has a special place in my heart. I remember moving here as a student five years ago. All of my friends worked out at a popular gym chain. I thought that was the place all the cool kids went, so I wanted to go too. My mom was not there for it. The gym wasn’t close to where I lived. How would I get there? How often would I go? I wasn’t that athletic back then. So she Googled a gym closer to me and advised me to become a member at Het Eiland. Me, still considering that other gym waaaaay cooler, was sceptical but decided to give it a go and try out. I was sold immediately and signed up. Momma’s always right I guess. 

A year and a half ago my mom passed away. That was a time in my life when I felt like everything was falling apart and I was powerless. Like I lost control over every single aspect of me. Working out made me regain that power. I knew that if I trained consistently and ate right, I would see results. The outcome was completely determined by my actions. I felt in control again. The routine I created back then has now become part of my identity. It’s a weird thing you know, I honestly feel bad if I go a day without a workout. 

The gym closing made me realise how much I’ve learned here. In particular the group classes taught me how much I can accomplish. Working out surrounded by like-minded people is empowering. If the person next to you is really pushing themselves, you can do too. If they can lift a heavier weight, so can you. If they run faster, you can run faster. At home it’s way more difficult to keep pushing yourself like that. 

I don’t wanna live my life achieving only half what I’m capable of. I want to fulfill my whole potential and always keep pushing my limits.”


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