Mattia (40)

“As long as I can remember, I’ve always been an athletic person. Working out gives me a way to clear my head and relax. When the gyms had to close I tried doing some workouts at home but it’s not the same. I need group classes with enthusiastic coaches and other participants. I need people who share their enthusiasm and make me push myself a little further every time. 

I’m definitely a minority in the gym. During group classes I’m almost always the only forty-year-old between all the young girls. But that doesn’t bother me a single bit. I still feel like I’m in my twenties because an active lifestyle has always been so important to me. Most of my friends say they ‘don’t have the time’ to work out. But you have to MAKE that time. Make working out a priority. I’m a mother of two, I live in Schelle and I work in Merksem. If I can make the time, you can too. 

I think most people still underestimate the power of working out. Especially now during Covid. They are getting burned-out and depressed. Try going outside and being active. It works wonders for your physical and mental health, trust me.”

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